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**Note: The moderator of this site is taking a break until she graduates from her PhD program. We are sorry about such a long pause and plan to be back Spring 2020 with more updates!***

multiculturalismIt is my opinion, much like this cartoon implies, that our country merely wears the mask of equality. Students are included in this idea — not all of you, your schools, and your teachers are treated equally. In order to battle this disparity, educate yourself. As a teacher, it is my duty to help you do just that, so I have created this website to provide useful resources that discuss the perspectives on the following topics: race, class, gender, sexuality and other social justice issues. Do with the information what you will, but I challenge you to truly understand the world in which you live — from all points of view.




Blogs written for students:

  1. Why Some Hate School, but Love Education
  2. When life throws you lemons, show the nation how you fight back
  3. Mark Zuckerberg Hosts ‘Hackathon’ for Undocumented Immigrants
  4. On Death, On Drugs
  5. “Kids” doing big things

Useful links for students:

All Ages:

  1. National Writing Project
  2. The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students

Ages P-5:

  1. K-5 Interactive Learning Sites

Ages 6-12:

  1. How Many is That?

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