For Teachers & Teacher Researchers

**Note: The moderator of this site is taking a break until she graduates from her PhD program. We are sorry about such a long pause and plan to be back Spring 2020 with more updates!***

Us teachers have to stick together. With No Child Left Behind, Common Core State Standards, teacher evaluation systems, International Baccalaureate program restrictions, non-negotiable district requirements and about a thousand other things pulling us in about a thousand different directions, one thing is for sure: we are here for a reason, and that reason is to educate our students. No matter what kind of school we work at, that does not change. The ideas, lessons, activities, reflections and resources found on this page are from my teaching experiences. They may be similar to yours; they may be wholly different. Either way, my hope for this page is to share my lessons, ideas and classroom reflections in order to encourage others to include lessons in their own classes that discuss issues of social justice.

Blogs written for teachers & teacher researchers:

  1. Lesson Planning, Getting to Know your Students, Narrative Writing & Personal Legends
  2. Reflection: What to do about George Zimmerman
  3. The Problem with Zero Tolerance
  4. Ukrainian Rioters’ Fight for Social Justice
  5. The Benefits of Annotation: Students Interacting with Texts
  6. An Update on Ukraine
  7. Wife of teacher to Obama: ‘please stop this runaway reform now’
  8. Change is Happening
  9. (Another) Local Parent Addresses President Obama Beautifully
  10. Redefining Creativity: Thoughts on Traditional Classrooms
  11. “Kids” doing big things

Useful links for teachers:

  1. The Five Faces of Oppression — I use this with my students in order to help them understand oppression and how it is or has been used
  2. Edutopia
  3. How Many is That? — localize global issues

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