**Note: The moderator of this site is taking a break until she graduates from her PhD program. We are sorry about such a long pause and plan to be back Spring 2020 with more updates!***

There is nothing like a good speaker, an inspirational article, a shocking statistic or a tale of activism to inspire us to look deeply into ourselves as well as at our students and strive to be better teachers, researchers, and/or activists. Part of the reason this site exists is because I, the moderator, have been inspired by so many others. We can only write from and act from our own experiences; however, it is from and with interaction with others that we grow. This portion of Teaching Social Justice includes the stories from others that have influenced our cause.



Blogs about educational inspiration and/or re-blogged articles that I found inspiring: 

  1. Hip Hop-spiration
  2. Mark Zuckerberg Hosts ‘Hackathon’ for Undocumented Immigrants
  3. When life throws you lemons, show the nation how you fight back
  4. Ukrainian Rioters’ Fight for Social Justice
  5. Nelson Mandela: A Leader in Social Justice
  6. An update on Ukraine
  7. Change is Happening
  8. “Kids” doing big things

Note: I will be happy to invite guest bloggers to discuss their inspiration(s) in the classroom as well. If you would like to contribute to this site, email me at

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